SGI - Jahrestagung 2021 Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Intensivmedizin
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PD Dr méd. Antoine Schneider
Lausanne CH
  • Session What is New / Hot Papers Chair
    Datum: 23.09.2021 , Zeit: 10:45 | Thema: SGI Ärzteschaft
  • Vortrag Initial albuminemia and albumin administration in severely burned patients; do they matter? Speaker
    Datum: 23.09.2021 , Zeit: 15:10 | Thema: SGI Ärzteschaft
  • Vortrag Improvement in oxygenation after the first awake pronation session is associated with lower intubation rate in patients with Sars-Cov-2 acute hypoxemic respiratory failure Autor:in
    Datum: 23.09.2021 , Zeit: 14:40 | Thema: Interprofessionel
  • Vortrag Oliguria in Critically Ill Patients: Impact on AKI Classification and Outcomes Prediction Autor:in
    Datum: 23.09.2021 , Zeit: 16:00 | Thema: SGI Ärzteschaft
  • Vortrag COVID-19: Impact on Circuit Lifetime and Performance during Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Autor:in
    Datum: 23.09.2021 , Zeit: 16:15 | Thema: SGI Ärzteschaft